Call Agendas


Recording on YouTube (opens in a new tab) (skips pre-intro banter)


  • Intro
  • 5 minute pitches / collab opportunities: to be sourced & upvoted via Slido
  • Special Guest: Jonas to discuss Optimism Retro Funding 4
  • Emprical Data: Impact Metrics & Data Bootcamp
  • Progam Design: GG20 & RetroPGF experiments

For a complete summary of the call, see here


Recording on YouTube (opens in a new tab)

We had to reschedule our last meeting due to ETH Denver related commitments, but we're excited to reconvene and share a lot of updates from the group since then.


We had 31 atendees at the session We had a quick presentation by Owocki about the restatement of Vision for,

Following Glen Weyl presented the Plurality book and shared the discord server where to join the movement ( (opens in a new tab)) started a 4 month and 6 continente tour starting on mid May, so if anyone want to get on the schedule for that tour you can write to Glen if there is something impactful to do, translations are a very important part of this (they already have 12 languages translations forks already running) the first translation fork is from a local publisher to Traditional Mandarin, as almost at the same time is in English, they are still looking for translation to a number of major languages including Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish, Hurdu, Arabic, Portuguese, etc. so there are a lot of opportunities for translations to different languages, just join their discord server where you can start contributing in this matter.

Sejal Rekhan shared their RPGF training program, what it looks like and how you can participate, the recent program that just concluded was the RPGF program and it was divided into 7 modules:

  • Module 1: WTF is RetroPGF
  • Module 2: Scoping your Retroactive Funding Round
  • Module 3: Badgeholders, Understanding the Guardians
  • Module 4: Application Process and Impact Evaluation Strategies
  • Module 5: Nomination and Voting
  • Module 6: Ops and Communication Strategy + KYC and payouts
  • Module 7: Mastering EasyRetropgf tool You go through the resources and access the whole training, it's live on Gitcoin Youtube channel: (opens in a new tab), Sejal invites you to be part of the Pilot Cohort, that it's gonna be launched on April, 8th so they are planning to launch the applications for the communities who want to participate, the good thing about this training program is that you don¿t need to make everything by yourself because you will access a pool of people who have been through this training that will support you. Here goes the form to apply: (opens in a new tab) , it will close soon so make sure to apply asap if interested tu run a pilot QF round for your community. Also take note that being in a cohort you not only get the knowlege and the tools, but also they have this network effect because you will learn from each participant,
    There will be a wiki coming soon about best practices for you to have that resource at hand.

One last thing, there is a QF round focused on funding people that has made content and brought value about RPGFs, if you were in the cohort they recommend you to apply! Link for applications: (opens in a new tab) Here you can check the slido link => (opens in a new tab) Useful links shared by Sejal: (opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab)

Carl shared how was the experience for the first session on Regenlearning Data Bootcamp, it was organized on 3 groups: pandas, foxes, cheetas, every group has calls every 3 weeks, unfortunately it got affected by Eth Denver on the timing for new update sessions wich we hope to catch up soon. Here goes some docs and useful links where you can make a contribution:

Then we heard pitches from 2 people due to time constraints. Here is the list of pitches & pitch proposals:

If you want to watch our video recording from the call, here is the link: (opens in a new tab)


Recording on YouTube (opens in a new tab)

We had our first community call. Somewhere between 30-50 people showed up.

We introduced the purpose of (see below) and shared some thoughts about logistics.

Then we heard pitches from ~12 people. You can see the full list of pitches & pitch proposals here (opens in a new tab).


bring together the smartest minds in web3 to create momentum towards web3 public goods funding through learning.

if done well,

  1. we will export learnings to the rest of web3.
  2. you will find collaborators in this group.

Intersectional Group

We have purposefully tried to curate this group with

  1. Data Scientists (like Carl, Umar)
  2. Program Designers (like Jonas, Owocki, Meg)
  3. A Priori Theorists (like Vitalik, Glen)

It is in the intersection of these things that the magic happens!

How to use this group


  • Synchronous: Monthly calls
  • Telegram: always on

Code of Conduct (opens in a new tab)

Data nerds, you can leverage

How to do a good pitch

  • What is the opportunity? Why do people care?
  • What do you need?
  • What do you offer? Skills, data, budget, etc
  • CTA: how to reach


The format of the rest of the call will be a 5 minute pitch x 10 ppl. Please submit your pitch in slido, link will be distributed right before the call.